Company Profile


1994 Kozou Sawada Established Kyokko Communication Instrument Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing the precise mold, jigs, gauge, during this 70years, we have established stable Position for the integrated fine mechanical manufacture.

1944 Established Kyokko Communication Instruments Co., Ltd. by founder Mr. K Sawada and started manufacturing precision mold, jig, and gauge.
1945 Renamed to Kyokko Seiko Co., Ltd.
1948 Started business with SHIMADZU CORPORATION.
1953 Developed photoelectric spectrophotometers with SHIMADZU CORPORATION.
1958 Developed and supplied automated electrode printing and soldering machines, and silver electrode printing machine to Murata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
1960 Developed measuring instruments for finesse by vibration with Kyoto institute technology university and started the marketing.
1962 Moved to current location.
1965 Developed flatness interferometers with the subvention from MITI.
1966 Started business with CKD.
1971 Started business with Oki and expanded the business field to the computer.
1973 Started business with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company.
Built 1st Factory in Kyoto.
1976 Started business with Minolta camera ( Knonicaminolta).
1980 Started business with Panasonic Corp.
1982 Started business with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.
1983 Started the operation of Toyokawa factory and built 2nd Factory in Kyoto.
1984 Started business with Amagasaki seikan and exported of plant to USSR
1989 Started the operation of Yasu Factory for factory automation.
Established Kouchi Kyokko Seiko Co., Ltd.
1990 Started business with JEI, supped OEM Label Printer.
Development and production of full color copier for Minolta (Konicaminolta).
1991 Started business with NEC and NEC Office Systems.
1992 Started business with Dynic Corporation.
1997 Started sales of Electronic Photographic Printer to Germany on OEM basis.
2000 Started the development of Perfect Binder.
2002 Started sales of Perfect Binder K-Binder 501.
2003 Started the development of Face-Up Scanner.
2004 Started sales of Face-up Scanner PS5000C(A3 size, color).
Established Kyoto Hitech Corporation.
2005 Started sales of Roll paper loading-feeding machine RTR-2.
2006 Started sales of Perfect Binder K-Binder 701.
2008 Started sales of Face-up Scanner PS7000C(A2 size, color).
2010 Supplied face-up scanner PS5000CMKII Lab for digitalization Project of National Diet Library(2009 budget 12.7millon yen).
2011 Started sales of desk top continuous
form printer KP2250 (Psi model name) on OEM base.
Started sales screen less digital film scanner SL100.
2012 Started sales of Image Retrieving System ScanDIVA with own developed application software and high resolution A2 Face Up scanner PS7000MKII.