Company Profile

Management Philosophy


With society

Build mutual trust with our stakeholders (Customers, Shareholders and Employees ) and create social existential value. Carry out our social responsibilities and build Mutual Harmony and Benefit.

With working staff

Emphasis on human resource and development, we strive to achieve the harmonized company evolving and the working staff’s contentedness.

Basic Policy

  • Improvement of the quality, strict observance of the delivery date, accumulation of the reliability, we achieve mutual harmony and benefit with our partners.
  • With the indomitability of the human spirit and an inexhaustible source of creativity, we develop and expand our own technology.
  • Providing the satisfaction of products and service to the customer, we contribute to the society.

Acquisition of ISO certification

Our factories obtained ISO9001 certification and ISO14001 certification, and maintain high level QA system and promote Environmental Activities.

Acquisition of ISO9001 certification

We obtained QA Management System ISO9001 certification.
We provide high quality products, and increase Customer Satisfaction.

Acquisition of ISO14001 certification

Conserving to environments is the company responsibility, energy saving and reduction of waste, through ISO14001 system, we strive to supply the Environmentally Friendly Products.