Our Business

OS Office Solution

Start-to-Finish consistent Manufacturing Control

Flow of the Processes (from Receipt of Order through Delivery)

Flow of the Processes (from Receipt of Order through Delivery)

Development Designing

  • We are pretty good at Mechanism Design, Design of Transport Mechanism for various kind of sheet materials.
  • As to the development, we have been focusing on Printers and Finishers.
  • As to the contracted business, we can convert the specification requested by the customer into finished products.

Development Design

Medical Equipment
  • Vision Analyzer
  • Specular Microscope

Contracted Designing

Contracted Designing R&D Portfolio
(Development of Office Equipment, Medical Equipment, Sheet material such as paper, film, metric foil feeding device)

Printer and Peripheral Electrographic Printer
Thermal Transfer Printer
Dot Impact Printer
In-line Case Bookbinding Machine
Stacker Paper Feeding Unit
Feeding Device of Specific Type of Paper
Medical Equipment Vision Analyzer
Specular Microscope
Other Products Planetarium
Electrifications Measurement Equipment by Developing System
Substrate Cleaning Device

Parts Procurement

Parts Procurement

  • All of the parts which make up the products can be procured by ourselves.
  • We can find alternatives to the end of life parts.


Quality control

  • Cell Manufacturing System and Batch Manufacturing System have been introduced in order to accommodate a request for manufacturing of a wide variety of products in small quantities.
  • Production Control System (MRP) has been introduced.

Quality Assurance

Quality control

Quality Policy

1. We will offer products which our customers are satisfied with
    because of excellent quality and high integrity.
2. We will comply fully with the legal restrictions and continuously
    improve effectiveness of quality management system.
3. We will set quality goals based on our quality policy
    and review them periodically.

  • ISO9001: 2008 Certificate Number JQA-2015 February 1997
  • ISO14001: 2004 Certificate Number JQA-EM2963 December 2003